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Monday 1 December 2008

There’s enough complexity already: The need for integration without customization

You hear a lot about how long and complicated Siebel deployments can be, but often this is just mud-slinging by rival vendors. Siebel is a great software solution – if it wasn’t, hundreds of thousands of users wouldn’t be relying on it today.  

Siebel implementations *can* get bogged down, though, when organizations want to build in additional custom functionality or integrate other enterprise applications with it. These bespoke integration projects can create long delays in the Siebel rollout process – especially if the new functionality is found to have a lot of bugs that need fixing.

If this sounds like your experience, Corizon has good news. Our new Corizon for Siebel solution greatly reduces the cost and time needed to integrate applications into Siebel. Essentially, it lets you ‘mash up’ the applications you want to incorporate into Siebel into one composite application, which you can then test and modify (and re-use) independently of the Siebel environment. Once you’re happy with it, you can incorporate the composite application directly and seamlessly into the Siebel desktop. 

It’s an approach that’s serving Siebel users very well. BT’s Broadband Helpdesk Change Manager, Roger Buck, told us that Corizon has significantly eased the process of incorporating additional functionality into Siebel. “Our investment in Corizon’s software has delivered full ROI in less than 12 months – remarkable when looking at enterprise software on this scale,” he said.

At Corizon we’re all about making life easier: easier customisations, easier access to vital customer data; and easier deployments of business-critical CRM systems.  By removing complexity, we reduce our customers’ costs and increase the speed, flexibility and power of their CRM software. That’s not just business sense – it’s common sense.

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