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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Mondial Assurance – extending CTI for agents

Today we’ve announced that Corizon has been chosen by Mondial UK to simplify its agent desktops. To quote from the press release
The new solution will combine Mondial’s established desktop applications with its Cisco Agent Desktop infrastructure to create a simple set of screens that are easy to use, and crucially minimise the time to identify, validate and record customer interactions.... It will optimise and automate the process of entering customer information, increasing efficiency and providing a quicker service for the customer.
Apart from providing another proof point of the ROI on streamlining agent desktops, a couple of things seem to me to interesting about this solution
- It provides a great example of one of the “mashup patterns” we described a while ago in this blog – “Extending interaction management and CTI applications” in this case integrating the Cisco Agent Desktop
- It shows the versatility of mashups by being able to integrate desktop applications as well as web applications and web services

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