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Thursday 12 November 2009

Comment on "Enterprise Mashups in Transition"

Anthony Bradley from Gartner provided some interesting views on how he sees the enterprise mashup market developing this week in his blog posting: Enterprise Mashups in Major Transition.

The transition he has identified is chiefly concerned with a shift in the use cases he is seeing that drive demand. As Anthony says:

Just about everyone, including me was talking about enterprise mashups as a new paradigm for end user computing where business users would rapidly assemble and reassemble applications in a highly dynamic fashion.

And then…

… a shift in the need began. Instead of asking about end user empowerment, clients began inquiring about how to reduce integration costs with mashups. Some organizations were trying to use mashups to clear out their application integration backlog more quickly and at less cost. Others were facing new integration challenges due to mostly unexpected mergers and acquisitions.

This accords with what many of Corizon’s customers and partners are looking to enterprise mashups to provide in the first instance. I would add that this shift does not move the interest in enterprise mashups purely to the IT domain. Fixing integration problems does not only concern IT but also business unit leaders in that they have the potential to greatly impact the efficiency of their teams. In today’s environment, many businesses are looking for way to deliver a step up in people productivity with short and low risks projects: enterprise mashups are perfectly suited to that.

Finally, this type of pragmatic integrations will naturally create a pool of reusable mashable components if done with the right technology. Once created (and paid for) thanks to these projects, these components will make it easier for end users to create their own mashups in a safe way, with the buy in from IT. So the nirvana of end user empowerment is perhaps not as distant as Anthony fears!

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