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Friday 11 December 2009


It’s always good to be recognized, and Corizon’s inclusion in the top 10 Contact Center Technologies from Call Center Helper magazine is great feedback directly from the market. It is especially significant when you remember how varied and complex the contact center technology industry is.

This provides another piece of tangible evidence of two changes that we’ve been seeing all year:
  • Fixing the desktop has continued to move towards the top the call center priority list as it is becoming recognised as a critical factor in many productivity and customer experience delivery issues
  • Enterprise mashups have jumped from “is that a serious business tool for important operational applications?” to being a recognized approach that is seen as a very effective way to integrate applications for people
It’s also testament to the great job that our partners, consultants and engineers do in creating implementations that make a significant difference to the work of contact center agents.

So, thanks to those who voted for us; for those who didn’t, we have plenty of ideas about how to change that in 2010!

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